Wild Hog Scull
Wild Hog Scull
Wild Hog Scull
Wild Hog Scull
Wild Hog Scull
Wild Hog Scull


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Stefan Tägl
Stefan Tägl
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Photogrammetry – Wild Hog


Photogrammetry - Wild Hog


I wanted to test everything that is possible with a smartphone on this skull and the result really surprised me. While mountain biking in the forest I found this beautiful skull of a wild boar, I immediately thought it’s too good to just leave it there. 


So off to a tree stump with him, the light there was almost perfectly diffuse. I think there were about 40-50 photos at the end. I then loaded this photogrammetry 3d model into CaptureReality at home and let the magic begin, the textures were then delighted. For Sketchfab, I reduced the number of triangles again in Blender and for the depth, the ambient occlusion was created as a vertex color and the textures were optimized accordingly in Photoshop. 

Wireframe (Crunched)
Baked Ambient Occlusion as Vertex Color
Detail Shot - Albedo Map
Detail Shot - PBR Shading

“Yes, I could have done the scan with the free software Meshroom, but I wanted a result quickly and still had free credits fore some photogrammetry 3d models…”

3D-Content Viewer (Sketchfab)

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