Five Days at Memorial - Car Shading & Texturing

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Stefan Tägl
Stefan Tägl
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Five Days at Memorial – Car Shading & Texturing


Streaming Series – AppleTV+


For the Emmy nominated Miniseries “Five Days at Memorial” from the streaming service AppleTV+, twenty cars were needed in both clean and dirty variants by the awesome team from Stormborn Studios. The requirement was that the cars should look like after a hurricane. There were some pictures and guidelines for inspiration.


The focus of my buddy & workmate Phil Amelung and I was first on a manageable pipeline. In which all models had to go through. So namings, naming of geometry, groups, and shaders but also the UVs had to be created according to these rules for every single model. In addition, for some models or assemblies, the geometry had to be changed/fixed or new parts had to be modeled.

The default for the textures was the color space ACES, this can be integrated later in Blender… if everything would be so easy 😉 … so that we could exchange the export data consistently with the studio. For this purpose, we had agreed on a sample scene and thus also had a neutral scene for comparing the textures in the color space of the different programs in the pipeline.


In contrast to a conventional workflow in the RGB area, in the film area and especially with the newer series & films, more and more work is being done in “consistent” color spaces such as ACES, because this is the only way to ensure that the same colors can always be seen everywhere from the creation of the graphics, VFX or color grading! In addition, the ACES color space also has much more depth, which confuses one at first when moving a controller something, because now sensitively more colors per pixel controller are available.


All the 3D work was done in Blender. For the UVs we had initially chosen RizomUV, but later switched completely to Blender. Since also here with appropriate Add-Ons equal results are to be made. With the mass of models, I prefer efficiency to technology! The textures were all created with Substance Painter/Studio, initially in the project also finally with a patch for the color management and full ACES workflow support, NICE!!! At the end of the chain, there was an FBX file with the possibility to control both texturepacks (Clean/Dirty).

Despite the high workload, the project was a lot of fun!

attached are a few Raw-Pics directly from the Substance Viewport 🙂 …..



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